MACKEY recognises the importance of consistently providing quality throughout the fabrication and assembly process and have achieved third party accreditation for our various systems.

CE Marking – MACKEY is certified to the highest level possible, Execution Class 4, including Design Methods 1; 2; 3a & 3b, which very few IRISH Contractors have achieved. The ‘CE’ certification demonstrates that MACKEY have the requisite Factory Production Control system in place and fully operational. This verifies compliance with the detailed requirements of BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011, BS EN 1090:2-2008 and EN ISO 3834:2 & 3-2005.


Under European Directive EN1090-1 MACKEY were awarded Execution Class 4, the highest Execution Class achievable. This was awarded in December 2014. In order to reach the highest standards in quality, MACKEY consistently demonstrated its ability to adhere to the strict statutory and regulatory requirements. MACKEY continues to maintain full accreditation.